Bahrain National Museum

bahrain-museum110126093918Our national museum houses many ancient artefacts, some dating back to the Dilmun era.

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Bahrain Fort

bahrain-museum110126093918​Thought to be once the centre of power for the ancient Dilmun civilisation, Qal’at al Bahrain (Bahrain Fort) has UNESCO World Heritage status. Originally an Islamic fort, dating back to the 16th Century AD, this was more recently occupied by the Portuguese.

The Bahrain Fort Museum showcases archaeological discoveries from different civilisations that successively occupied the site. Arad Fort is more recent, but is nonetheless one of our country’s most important castles. Riffa Fort, built in 1812, is the most recent of the forts.

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Traditional Houses of Muharraq

Traditional Houses of MuharraqAt the beginning of the last century, Muharraq was the capital of Bahrain and centre of major public and governmental projects. In the past decade, the district’s traditional houses have been restored, each dedicated to an aspect of our country’s cultural heritage. At the heart of them is the Shaikh Ebrahim bin Mohammed Al Khalifa Centre for Culture and Research, established as a forum for dialogue between people in philosophy, literature, poetry, culture and the arts. Nearby are other houses such as the Seyadi House that show our cultural heritage.

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Al Fateh Mosque

Al Fateh MosqueThe Al Fateh Mosque is Bahrain’s largest mosque. The huge domed building also hosts the National Library.  The mosque was built in the 1990s. By contrast, the Khamis Mosque is considered one of the earliest Islamic relics in the region. The foundations are believed to date back as early as 692 AD.

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Dilmun Burial Mounds

Dilmun Burial Mounds​Bahrain has what is believed to be the largest prehistoric cemetery in the world. You can see more than 10,000 burial mounds, dating between 3,000 BC and 600 AD.

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Tree of Life

Tree of LifeBahrain’s Tree of Life grows in the middle of the desert with no known water source. In spite of this the tree flowers twice a year and is covered in green leaves.

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Water Sports

PROMOTION71Bahrain’s temperature and climate are ideal for water sports enabling enthusiasts to enjoy their hobbies almost all year round. The warm shallow waters of the Arabian Gulf offer a great setting for many aquatic pursuits from nighttime sea fishing to sailing and scuba diving.

Known for its pearl industry, Bahrain allows visitors to dive for their own pearls with the help of the Aquatique Scuba Centre; or take a 40-minute boat ride to the Hawar Islands and look out for the dolphins who play in the calm Gulf seas while flamingos stalk through the shallow waters.

In a bid to replenish fish stocks and marine life, Bahrain is launching an artificial reef project in October 2010. Approximately 15,000 artificial reefs are to be deposited in Bahrain’s seas to provide a new habitat for fish species and support the fragile ecosystem.

Motor Sports

Motor SportsThe Bahrain Grand Prix has rapidly become one of the biggest sporting and social occasions in the Middle East and one of the most respected races on the global stage. By hosting the Grand Prix and other motor sport events Bahrain has earned a reputation as a centre of motor sport in the Gulf.
Bahrain opened the 2010 F1 season with its seventh Grand Prix, which took place on 12-13-14  March. Chart-topping artists and motor racing’s elite combined to attract a record-breaking crowd to the Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix. More than 100,000 people flocked to the Sakhir circuit for the first race of this year’s F1 season, smashing last year’s record of 97,000.  Bahrain will also host the first race of the 2013 F1 season.
The Bahrain International Circuit (BIC) is one of the world’s premier motor sport facilities. Under the direction of His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, a passionate motor sport enthusiast, the Kingdom worked closely with Formula One in creating the most innovatively designed track in the world, equipped with the most cutting edge technology and supported by the world–class infrastructure. At the inaugural race in 2004, the BIC was awarded the ‘Best Organised Grand Prix’ by the FIA.
The BIC also hosts the Hummer Driving Academy, the only one of its kind outside the US, and “open track” days allow racing fans to bring their own car or bike to the track.
Bahrain hosts the Australian V8 Supercar Championship Series – the only round of the series not to take place in either New Zealand or Australia. There is also the BIC’s very own series, the “Chevrolet Supercars Middle East Championship” where all the Class A cars are built by an all-Bahraini qualified team of mechanics.

Food & Dining

Food & DiningBahrain serves a great variety of cuisine. You can choose from Middle Eastern, Far Eastern, Indian and European restaurants with both excellent cooking and ambience.

Cafés – both Arabic and Western – are scattered all over the island with a fabulous variety to choose from. If you enjoy a cup of coffee in a sociable atmosphere you will not be disappointed.

Shop Till You Drop

shopping​Shopping is a great pleasure here. In our modern malls and designer boutiques you can buy the latest fashions. But we also have a multitude of local shops that are full of character: in the vibrant souks you can see everything from locally coloured fabrics, to gold and jewellery, as well as delicious local fruits, vegetables and herbs.

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